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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I care for my rented instrument?

Please refer to this set of basic guidelines.

2. Can I learn both violin and cello, or can I learn violin and another band instrument?

Short answer: Sure, it’s humanly possible to learn multiple instruments.

Long answer: Each instrument will require separate, regular periods of time focused on understanding and practicing the skills required, and corresponding separate rehearsals and transportation time and costs. In most cases, with practice time and focus divided, students end up not developing fluency with either instrument and quit both, frustrated. Focus on a single instrument is more likely to result in a student (and parent!) satisfied by the skill level they’ve been able to reach.

3. Can I do both violin and choir?

Yes! Developing a singing voice is still a skill which requires focused practice, but it’s much less effort than learning a second instrument which is not a part of our own bodies. In fact, the skills developed by learning to sing well are also crucial to reaching an advanced level in instrumental music.

4. Can I split up tuition payments instead of paying all at once at the beginning of each semester?

It is possible to arrange installment payments. Contact the CMA Director to explain your needs and we’ll work something out.

Please feel free to submit additional questions to CMA Director Shareen Vader at or 830-372-6448.

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