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Private Lessons

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The Community Music Academy offers weekly private lessons in violin, viola, cello, bass, and classical guitar from some of the best professional musicians and teachers in central Texas at a very affordable rate. Students are expected to practice regularly, to bring a pencil and all assigned music to lessons, and to perform in a Solo Recital at the end of each semester in which they are registered for private lessons. Instructors may ask that parents remain present during lessons with their child. 

The CMA generally reserves its inventory of rental instruments for students enrolled or graduated from the Lindenbaum Outreach Program. If additional instruments are available in the correct size, they can be rented to private lesson students at a discounted rate. 

Registration for Private Lessons includes 12 lessons per semester.

  • 30-minute lessons = $300
  • 45-minute lessons = $400
  • 60-minute lessons = $500

CMA Private Lesson Cancellation and Makeup Policies: By registering for private lessons you indicate your understanding of and agreement to these policies. Please review them here.

Summer Private Lessons

Private violin, viola, and cello lessons will be offered during the summer.

Scheduling: Lessons run from early June through mid-August. Make sure you do not register for more lessons than your instructor can teach. If you are currently in or have taken private lessons in the past, please continue lessons with the same teacher. After registration, you may contact your instructor directly to schedule specific dates and times for your lessons. If you are a new student, have no preference or would like advice, contact CMA Interim Director Shareen Vader at or (830) 372-6448.

Location: Lessons will take place at TLU's Schuech Fine Arts Building.

Registration: Students must take a minimum of 4 lessons and may take up to a maximum of 10 lessons for the summer, depending on teacher availability. 

By registering for private lessons you indicate your understanding of and agreement to the CMA Private Lessons Policies. 

Registration is now closed.

Instrument Rental: There is no additional rental fee for instruments if your child is currently in the Lindenbaum Outreach Program or CMA Youth Orchestras.

All CMA instruments must be returned at the student’s last lesson of the summer for maintenance before the fall semester begins. A new $20 instrument maintenance fee is required each academic year.


Clare Haugen - violin and viola
Monday – 8 weeks 
Friday – 8 weeks
Saturday – 9 weeks 

Kenneth Holmes - violin
Wednesday – 10 weeks
Thursday – 10 weeks 

Dr. Chad Ibison – guitar
Thursday, 10 weeks

Liz Massad - violin and viola
Tuesday – 8 weeks 

Bobbi Mauldin - violin
Tuesday – 10 weeks 

Dr. Eric Siu - cello
Monday – 8 weeks

Summer Private Lesson Tuition:

  • 30-minute lessons: $25 per lesson
  • 45-minute lessons: $33.33 per lesson
  • 60-minute lessons: $41.66 per lesson

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