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Reflective Modules

“What will I learn outside the classroom?”

Reflective Modules give you an opportunity to apply the knowledge you’ve gained in class to activities outside the classroom and in the community. You will complete three reflective modules during your four years that may include anything from public speaking to community gardening, career preparation and learning study strategies. You will also build skills within the competencies that give you a unique advantage when applying for a job or graduate school.

News Reporting. Students participating in the News Reporting module will work as reporters for the Lone Star Lutheran (LSL). With the guidance of the LSL editorial staff and the LSL advisor, reporters will gather information and write stories for publication in the LSL magazine or web publications. 

My Father’s Farm. Take a risk and get dirty! Experience your own personal growth as you work and tend plants at a local, organic farm. See how you can do a world of good and discover how you fit into the community. 

Help! How Do I Study? Ever found yourself studying for hours only to do poorly on an exam, even though you thought you were prepared? Maybe the strategies you use need some updating. This module will allow you to look critically at how you currently study and will help you develop better strategies for the more complex college environment.

Speaker Bowl. Do you want to be the next speaker featured on TED Talks? Speaker Bowl gives you the opportunity to prepare your own TED-style talk on a topic of your choice. If your talk is selected, you will have the opportunity to present and receive feedback from faculty and staff members throughout the semester. You may also get to present at Student Academic Symposium. 

Oh the Places You’ll Go with TLU! Where in the world will your major, career and life take you? Learn about the possibilities of international study and internships through various events and activities throughout the semester. Students will become familiar with study abroad programs as well as majors and careers that have a global connection. 

Chowhounds 101. Bulldogs have to eat, but what we eat needs some thought. Treats don’t cut it if Bulldogs want to lead long and healthy lives, so this module will develop some personal skills that help students make better meal choices.