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Honors Program

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Dr. Scott Bailey
Honors Program Director



The TLU Honors Program provides educational challenges for highly gifted and motivated students. Recognizing that honors students are intellectually curious, adventuresome, and creative, the university provides both traditional and nontraditional learning opportunities for honors students.

Honors students must satisfy the university’s minimum requirements of 124-credit-hours for graduation, and the associated 30 upper division-hour requirement. Students must maintain a 3.25 cumulative grade point average to remain in the Honors Program.

Honors Courses

Students must complete the following courses: 

  • Honors section of the Freshman Experience, FREX 134 HON.*
  • Honors section of Introduction to Theology, THEO 133 HON.
  • Honors Directed Reading, HON 331
  • Honors Interdisciplinary Course, HON 332
  • Honors Capstone, HON 431
  • Six Honors credits in the student’s major

* Admits who have completed FREX 134 and transfer students who are not required to take FREX 134 will receive a waiver for the Honors section.

For Honors Program Courses and Departmental Honors Courses for the major, view the Course Catalog.

Distributions of Liberal Arts Education

Honors students must complete three hours of Arts, Humanities, Natural Sciences (including a lab), and Social Sciences in order to fulfill their Distribution of Liberal Arts Education requirements, rather than the six hours requirement of the general program. 

General Education, Major and Supporting Coursework 

With the exception of those changes explicitly mentioned above, Honors students must complete all requirements of the General Education program, as well as all requirements of their major and supporting courses.