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The Business Administration and Economics program has a specialized accreditation by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs.

This specialized accreditation involves the evaluation of the business program with regard to the effectiveness in preparing individuals for their chosen business profession.

It’s a fact no one can ignore: our global economy is becoming increasingly interdependent. We are facing a more complex set of economic challenges than any generation to come before us. Students in economic schools are dedicated to solving big picture problems, such as poverty, national debt, and income inequality as well as zeroing in on the day-to-day economic practices that define big and small businesses alike. Texas Lutheran University offers students a major or a minor in economics. Our economics program has been evaluated and accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs. The ACBSP determines the effectiveness of programs in preparing students for success in a business profession.

Students studying economics may pursue internships in the community as well as professional experience while on campus. Students may wish to pledge the local chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi, a national business fraternity that is highly active around campus. Business honor society Delta Mu Delta also has a chapter at Texas Lutheran University. These organizations offer a variety of social and service opportunities to economics majors. There are also many opportunities throughout the year to get involved in economics-focused research projects alongside TLU faculty, who are experts in the field.

Major in Economics for a Bachelor of Arts (View the Degree Plan for a B.A. in Economics)

Major in Business Administration with an economics specialization for a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) degree

Minor in Business Administration

Minor in Business Methods for Historians

Minor in Business of Science

Minor in Business of the Arts

Minor in Economics

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Economics Faculty

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Asst. Professor

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