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English Studies

English Studies
Courses focusing on linguistic structures, rhetorical devices and composition (both technical and creative) ensure that all English studies majors complement their knowledge of literature with the equally important understanding of the language in general. 

TLU English Studies majors graduate with a useful balance of broad literary and cultural knowledge and a more focused, in-depth concentration of a specific writer, period or genre.

The English Studies major provides students with an understanding and appreciation of the English language and its most important texts. This understanding and appreciation is built on the foundation provided by survey courses in American (both ethnic and mainstream), British and world literatures. In these courses, students gain knowledge of literary forms and the cultural and historical circumstances that these forms and their interpretations shape and reflect. Supporting course work in communication studies, classical languages, world languages & cultures and philosophy links the knowledge students gain in their English schools courses with larger cultural concerns.

Combining traditional literary inquiry with more recent exploration into media and technology, TLU's English and Communication Studies department offers a unique perspective for studying both disciplines through its innovative joint department. Students get the best of both worlds through an individual major in either English Studies or Communication Studies, or through an increasingly marketable double major.

Major in English Studies for a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree

Customize your bachelor’s degree in English by specializing in literature or writing

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Minor in English Studies

English Studies Faculty

Steven Vrooman

Professor, Department Chair

Beth Barry

Asst. Professor

Collin Bost

Asst. Professor

Margaret Gonzales

Assoc. Professor, Composition Program Director

Pamela Johnston


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Careers in English Studies

The department teaches students to be intelligent producers and consumers of messages. This approach gives students mental training and habits that will be beneficial to those wishing to enter the fields of:

  • Journalism
  • Media production
  • Teaching
  • Technological services
  • Law
  • Public relations
  • Publishing

Graduate Fields for English Studies

Students who wish to pursue graduate studies will be prepared for most programs in the humanities, including:

  • Communication
  • Cultural studies
  • Mass communication
  • Justice studies
  • Ethnic studies
  • Gender studies
  • Ministry