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Geography programs enable students to understand the interconnectedness brought about by the forces of globalization through the relationship between ourselves and the world in which we live.

Human geography uses culture regions, migration and human impact on our surroundings to examine the world at large while physical geography completes the pictures incorporating the role of the earth’s natural forces.

Texas Lutheran University offers students a minor in geography, with the opportunity to study the unique ecology found in Central Texas. Many students in the geography program choose to explore the discipline by participating in one of TLU’s many study abroad programs. Students may travel the globe and earn course credit for a summer, a semester, or even a full academic year. While abroad, geography majors can learn firsthand about another culture’s procedures, policies, and traditions and how they have been influenced by or have influenced the world around them. Students may also seek internships in the Central Texas area, work alongside faculty to conduct original geographical research, and become leaders in campus organizations.

Minor in Geography

The minor in geography, in keeping with the department’s commitment to academic excellence, is designed to get the students to think about the connection between human culture and the physical world. Using an interdisciplinary approach, the geography minor provides a grounding in basic geographic tools, concepts and content and links this knowledge to other disciplines and academic majors.

Geography Faculty

Germaine Walsh

Professor, International Studies Program Director

Kathleen Seal

Assistant Professor

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