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A major in History provides students with the skills necessary to succeed in a wide variety of professions that require research, analysis, argumentation, and clear and thoughtful communication.

The discipline of history creates a bridge between the past and the present—between where we come from and what we have yet to accomplish.

TLU’s history program creates historians who help us understand the present through the study and interpretation of the past. The historian attempts to reconstruct and represent the course of human developments in order to shed light on modern-day concerns.

A degree in history teaches students to search for and analyze information, interpret meaning, and reach an informed decision. The history program offers a major in history with specializations available in pre-law, public history, and liberal arts. The history program also offers a minor in history and a minor in business methods for historians.

A major in history opens up a wide array of career opportunities for students. They can become an educator, communicator, editor, researcher, advocate, information manager, business person, consultant, congressional aide, or any number of other career paths. 

Why Study History? 

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Why TLU?

History Programs provide you with skills necessary to succeed in virtually any industry. If you can study history, then you've proven your aptitude for research, analysis, critical thinking, and effective communication. History programs also prepare you for graduate work in a number of fields including theology, law, political science, education, business, journalism, communications or cultural studies. Additionally TLU provides history majors with opportunities to participate in historical research alongside faculty, gain valuable work experience in local internships, and join student organizations on campus.

Major in History for a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree

Customize your bachelor’s degree in history with a specialization in: liberal arts, pre-law and public history

View the Degree Plan for a B.A. in History (Liberal Arts

View the Degree Plan for a B.A. in History (Pre-Law)

View the Degree Plan for a B.A. in History (Public History) 

Minor in History

Minor in Business Methods for Historians

Minor in African-American Studies

History Faculty

Rebecca Czuchry

Professor, History; African-American Studies, Director

Philip Grace

Asst. Professor, History

Angelika Sauer

Department Chair, Professor, History

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