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Information Systems

Students pursuing a degree in information systems accrue skills for a profitable career and a lifetime of problem solving and analytical processing.

Information Systems Programs are concerned primarily with business strategy in terms of seamlessly integrating services and systems to provide the most efficient service possible to the end user. A career in information systems is a fast-paced, challenging option for those who strive to keep one step ahead of the game and want to make innovative contributions toward a company’s success.

An Information Systems degree transforms the use of information in everyday activities into a strategic asset. Information technology is no longer viewed as only a supporting function, rather it is the frame that links the various departments, processes, tasks and future aspiration of an organization. The degree delicately blends information technology with the business requirements to meet the many challenges most companies have to deal with to survive today’s economy.

Information Systems challenges students intellectually and prepares graduates for a successful career. All businesses, without exception, seek talented graduates who can apply technology to support the business mission, processes and daily activities. Information Systems allows an organization to deal with competition, keep up with change, respond to shifting customer tastes and demands, provide a friendly interface to the end user and to view the world as a single economy. Businesses ultimately seek productivity in order to maximize their market presence, profit and innovation, which is all made possible through the use of information technology.

Information Systems majors benefit from conducting student research, presenting papers at conferences and completing internships. Many students in information systems and computer science opt for workstudy positions with the university’s information technology department. Students work on upgrading technology and software across campus and even develop applications for university administration projects, department needs or local businesses.

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