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Math is the universal truth.

Learn real-world applications as you develop an aptitude for mathematical reasoning that will prepare you for the pursuit of knowledge and truth beyond the boundary of the classroom.

Here at TLU, we believe in three guiding principles for all students in the mathematics program:

  • To promote critical thinking and analytic problem solving, not just in the mathematics classroom, but in everyday situations and events
  • To develop advanced mathematical aptitude and reasoning skills to prepare the student for mathematics-based endeavors beyond the classroom
  • To prepare the students for success in all coursework by stressing the importance of reasoning and problem solving.

Our mathematics program doesn't just prepare you for success in mathematics; it prepares you for success in life. We strive to create a supportive environment where students work with faculty to gain confidence in technique and independent thinking.

Why TLU?

Texas Lutheran University’s math programs offer many unique opportunities. MAPLE, the symbolic manipulator, is available in calculus and post calculus courses to enhance the student experience. Students can also solve real-life statistics problems using innovative statistical software such as Minitabs. Students pursuing a degree in mathematics education may work as tutors and graders alongside faculty. Additionally, each mathematics major will be required to present a research paper as part of a seminar during their senior year. Research is a crucial part of the mathematics discipline and will be conducted under the supervision of a mathematics faculty member. Mathematics students have the opportunity to join TLU's Math Club and participate in activities such as the Math Olympiad and the Calculus Showdown with community high school students.

Major in Mathematics for a Bachelor of Arts

Major in Mathematics with a specialization in pre-actuarial science for a Bachelor of Science

View the Degree Plan for a B.S. in Mathematics

View the Degree Plan for a B.S. in Mathematics Education (7-12)

View the Degree Plan for a B.S. in Mathematics (Pre-Actuarial)

Minor in Mathematics

To learn more about the program download the math, computer science, and information systems fact sheet.

Mathematics Faculty

Reza Abbasian

Professor and Department Chair

Cathy Beicker


Rebecca Clark


William Hager

Assoc. Professor

Betseygail Rand

Assoc. Professor

John T. Sieben


Linda F. Wilson


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