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In the Pre-Ministry program, theology faculty work with other disciplines and with the Campus Ministry program to assist students in developing and enhancing their understanding in scriptural studies, historical theology, systematic theology, Christian ethics and practical theology.

Theology, Philosophy and Classical Studies students are challenged both intellectually and academically with several opportunities to express thoughts and theories. The department publishes the Faith & Reason newsletter and a Theology-Philosophy Review, as well as hosts an annual symposium and academic forum (a collaboration between the Alpha Chi Honor Society and TLU Honors Program). Students are encouraged to participate in departmental meetings, review of classes and lectures by visiting guest philosophers.

  • Pre-Ministry Bachelor's Degree

    Students who anticipate continuing their program of study at a school of theology should plan their undergraduate program to meet the requirements of the particular school they expect to enter. The Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada recommends that an undergraduate program emphasize several broad areas. High competency is desired in at least one of the following: understanding human selfhood and existence, modern social institutions and problems, and culture and religion. Moderate competencies are valuable either in science and technology or in the modes and processes of human understanding. The undergraduate should also be moderately competent in at least one area of theological study: biblical content and interpretation, the history of religious traditions, or systematic and ethical construction. Finally, the student needs to have a reading knowledge of Greek (four semesters), plus either Hebrew, Latin, German, French, or Spanish, and a mastery of written and oral English. Members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America who are planning to enroll in a seminary of the ELCA must be registered with the candidacy committee of a synod of the ELCA, generally about two years prior to their application to a seminary program.

  • Professional Lay Ministry Bachelor's Degree

    Texas Lutheran offers a flexible four-year program for persons interested in professional, non-ordained service in the church. The program may be utilized to fulfill course requirements in theology for those who desire to serve in the public ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America as an Associate in Ministry, or as a professional minister in other Christian denominations.

    Students interested in being commissioned for service as an ELCA Associate in Ministry must be registered with the candidacy committee of their home synod and must meet all of the requirements as set forth by the ELCA’s Division for Ministry. The program may be taken with a view to a broad, general preparation for church service, or it may be taken with more particular career aspirations in mind. Possible academic majors include business administration, communication studies, music, psychology, sociology, and theology. Program details are worked out in consultation with the theology faculty. For those in the ELCA Associate in Ministry candidacy process, basic foundational course work in theological education includes a minimum of 20 semester credit hours. At least one course must be completed in each of the following areas: Biblical Studies-old Testament; Biblical Studies-New Testament; Lutheran Theology and Confessional Writings; Introductory Systematic Theology; and American Lutheran Church History. The candidate’s curriculum may include additional courses appropriate to a specialization.

    Areas of service in the ELCA for an Associate in Ministry include education (director of Christian education, day school teacher or director, librarian), music and the arts (organist, choir director, teacher of music or drama), administration (church or parish office administrator, administrator in a synodical, churchwide agency, camp director), and service (campus ministry, camping ministry, counseling, parish worker, youth director).

Major in Theology with a specialization in pre-seminary for a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree

Major in Theology with a specialization in youth ministry for a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree

Minor in Theology

Minor in Greek Studies

Minor in Hebrew Studies

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