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Theology faculty work with the Campus Ministry program and other disciplines to assist students in developing and enhancing their understanding in scriptural studies, historical theology, systematic theology, Christian ethics and practical theology.

Texas Lutheran University’s theology program is combined with the philosophy and classical languages departments in order to create a holistic approach to the discipline. Theology majors can choose to follow a classic liberal arts path or to specialize in pre-seminary or youth ministry studies. A minor in theology is also available to students pursuing other degrees. Texas Lutheran University strives to create an approach to theology that is academically challenging, highly inquisitive, and deeply introspective.

Students in the theology school are challenged to express their thoughts and theories and even publish original research and opinions in the department-led Faith & Reason newsletter and the Theology-Philosophy Review.

An annual academic forum and symposium run by the TLU Honors program and the Alpha Chi Honor Society gives further opportunity for recognition by students’ peers and the theology community at large. Students may also join service and social organizations on campus dedicated to community outreach and dialogue. Students are encouraged to participate in departmental meetings, review of classes and lectures by visiting guest philosophers.

Major in Theology for a Bachelor of Arts

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Minor in Theology

Minor in Greek Studies

Minor in Hebrew Studies

Theology Faculty

Jack Davidson

Assoc. Professor

H. David Baer

Professor, Department Chair

Norman Beck

Professor, Theology

Heather Hansen


Carl S. Hughes

Assoc. Professor of Theology

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