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Leaving Home

Choosing a program and applying to study abroad takes thought and effort. The acceptance letter marks your entry into the next stage. To have a truly successful study abroad experience, you need to pay serious attention to the details of preparing for life abroad.

Part of your pre-departure efforts will be directed toward taking care of business: completing post-acceptance paperwork for your program, securing necessary visas or permits, and attending the mandatory TLU Pre-Departure Orientations. But don't let those requirements keep you from preparing yourself intellectually, emotionally, and in practical terms, for your time abroad.

Before you leave for your program abroad

  • Ensure that your TLU student account is all paid or that you have made payment arrangements.
  • Verify that your TLU login and password works before going abroad, so that you can register online, and check your grades and class schedule while abroad.
  • Apply or reapply for financial aid for the next academic year.
  • Make arrangements to protect your on or off-campus job for when you return home.
  • Take a small gift(s) from where you’re from for your host family, such as something Texas-themed, from your hometown, or from TLU.

While You're There

Once you arrive in your host country, settle in, start classes, and begin navigating your way around your new home, don't completely lose touch with home. Remember to: 

  • Notify your advisor and the TLU International Education Office about any changes to your proposed schedule and to seek approval for any new classes you wish to use to fulfill a degree requirement.
  • Keep in touch! Let us know how you are doing -- tell us what's amazing, what's going well, and what's not so good. And feel free to send photos for our Facebook page.
  • Pay any outstanding balances to the program/host school, so that your transcript will not be delayed once you return to TLU.
  • Get the contact information for those you meet while abroad so you can keep in touch via social media or email once you return home.
  • Thank your program staff & particularly helpful faculty and tutors.
  • Thank your host family (if you stayed with one) for opening up their home to you. You may want to buy them a small gift while there if you did not get one before leaving home.

As you prepare to return to the United States and to TLU, there are both practical and personal issues that you will need to attend to. And coming home doesn't mean that you are no longer engaged in education abroad: your experiences abroad will have a lasting affect - on how you see the world, how you view others, and how you see yourself.

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