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Packing Tips

  • The first rule of travel is to pack lightly. Remember that whatever you pack, you will have to carry. Though you may not have to haul your luggage for miles over rough terrain, navigating a city’s public transportation system with even a small, wheeled suitcase can be a physical -- and cultural -- challenge.
  • The second rule of travel is to pack selectively. Though you will be packing for a stay of several weeks or months, you will not need all that you think you need. Pack your suitcase(s) early and then remove about half of what you packed. There are most likely going to be a few things you never wear during your trip, so be selective!
  • Research the climate and average monthly temperatures in your host country and pack accordingly. Regardless of the climate, it’s always good practice to pack clothing that can be layered and that is easy to care for (leave clothes that need dry cleaning at home). Take a pair of good walking shoes and at least one outfit that can be worn for any special occasion that might arise -- but don’t take any outfit that can only be worn for a special occasion. Rather than a full suit or formal dress, take a pair of nice slacks or skirt, a good shirt, and a tie or dressy sweater.

Packing Checklist: The Essentials 

(pack these in your carry-on luggage)

  • Passport + a photocopy
  • Driver's license or state identification
  • Copy of program acceptance letter
  • Airline or travel tickets
  • Credit/debit card + photocopy
  • Refillable water-bottle ( no liquids in it until you pass security)
  • Prescription medication + written prescription - if you have a prescribed medication, make sure you talk to your doctor before your trip to figure out those details
  • Extra glasses/contact lenses + written prescription
  • International Student Identity Card (ISIC)
  • Universal adaptor - a lot of countries use different electrical systems then the U.S. so you’ll need an adaptor to be able to charge your phone, laptop, etc.


  • Cross-body purse or bag (to put your essentials in when you do not need a full backpack)
  • IPod/ music player + charger (for those long plane, bus, or transportation rides)
  • Camera + batteries + film (to capture all of the beauty of your trip)
  • Layer-able, easy-care clothes (you don’t want to bring too many bulky items)
  • One “nice” outfit (for a special dinner, etc.)
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Shower flip flops
  • Suitable outer gear (rain jacket, umbrella, winter coat…)

Mailing back luggage or paying airport fees for overweight bags is expensive. Pack light.

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