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Staying Engaged

Life-Long Learning After Study Abroad

When you return to TLU, stay engaged. Doing so is a way to share your experiences and enthusiasm and can help you as you readjust upon your return. Turn your study abroad experience into a life-long learning process.

There are numerous ways to remain connected: 

Complete the Online Evaluation

Completing the online evaluation for your study abroad program is a good way to say “thank you” to your program provider. This will help them advertise their programs so more students can participate in international experiences.

Study Abroad Photo Contest

Submit photos to the study abroad photo contest -- or just post some to the TLU Study Abroad Facebook page.

Study Abroad Fair

Participate in our fall study abroad fair. This is a great chance to talk about your experiences and help encourage other students to study abroad.

Study Abroad Information Sessions

Attend study abroad information sessions and the pre-departure orientation to talk with prospective study abroad students.

Write About Your Experiences

Write a short piece on your study abroad experience. We love posting those on our website and sharing it with the TLU Marketing and Communications Department.

Talk About Your Experiences

Take advantage of the speaking engagements that the International Education Office asks for like FREX classes, prospective visit days, Family Weekend, and other classes.

Continue With Your Language Education

Continue your language instruction and look for volunteer experiences that allow you to use your language skills.

Talk With Faculty

Talk with faculty and staff members about your experiences. Not only do they enjoy hearing about them, but you're a valuable source of information that they can use in class.

Stay Involved On-Campus

Join clubs and attend co-curricular events with an international and/or cultural focus. Attend the welcome-back events the International Education Office plans.

Market Your Skills To Future Employers

Go to the Office of Career Development: they can help you think about ways to build on your international experiences and how to incorporate them into your resume, cover letters, and future job interviews. See the Marketing your Experiences page.

Tell Us About Your Trip

Stop by the TLU International Education Office. We would love to hear all about your experiences, what you learned, stories you may have, and anything else you would like to share with us.

Keep Your International Connections Alive

Contact the friends you made while abroad. Stay in touch with them. You never know when you could be going back or vice versa.

Seek Out Other International Experiences

There are multiple ways to go abroad again, from volunteering, teaching, working, interning, or studying abroad again. Please see the following pages for more information and resources.

Contact Us 

Charla Bailey
Director of International Education

Office: Tschoepe Hall 107
Phone: 830-372-8098

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Blogging Abroad

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September 23, 2016

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​Alumna Awarded Teaching Assistantship in Austria

September 15, 2016

Each year, 140 college graduates from the U.S. teach in Austria under with help of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education. Deana Hero ’15 is one of those college graduates.

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