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5 Ways to Customize your Graduation Cap

May 13, 2016


by Sarah Neill

At the end of those long four years of school, graduation seems surreal. There are plenty of rituals surrounding graduation, but the new tradition of decorating your cap is definitely trending. What better way to let your friends spot you in the crowd than with something that is unique to you. Here are some DIY hacks for the perfect graduation cap.

Show your school pride

You spent so much time at your soon-to-be alma mater, your graduation cap is the perfect time to say goodbye. Use your schools colors to keep a theme going or even a cutout of the mascot is easy and turns out great. A simple design like this will give a nice final touch to your graduation look.

Pun it up

Word play is always fun, especially when it’s related to your major. Coming up with something clever makes you and your cap stand out as witty. Whether you’re “one degree hotter” or entering into the “game of loans,” share it with the world.

Show your future

Next time that aunt asks what you’re going to do with your life after graduation, just show her your cap. You worked hard preparing for your career, so feel free to brag a bit. Let everyone you’re putting that degree to use.

Cut it out

Pre-cut letters are going to save you a lot of time and frustration in your design. With plenty of fonts and colors, finding what you want is no problem. Whether you want a cute catchphrase or a simple monogram, you can get the look without the stress of cutting or stenciling the letters yourself.

Keep it positive

Graduation is just the start of your plans for world domination. Have your cap reflect what a bright future you have ahead of you. Plus, it’s a positive message you can share with all your fellow graduates.

Word to the wise: Make sure to check if your school has any rules on what you can and can't put on your grad cap before you bust out the glue gun and glitter.

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Sarah Neill is a political science major and a communication studies minor at Texas Lutheran University and she hopes to go into politics once she graduates. Sarah likes to stay busy on campus, whether it is working as an admissions ambassador and marketing & communications intern, or being at rehearsal for the TLU women's choir. She is very devoted to her studies, takes part in the Honors Program and is a member of Alpha Lambda Delta.