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​Alumna Joins Semi-Professional Soccer Team

March 14, 2017


Kelly Lochte ’16 is passionate about two things: fitness and soccer. A personal trainer and middle school coach at St. Mary’s Hall, the former Texas Lutheran University athlete is returning to the pitch as a member of the new semi-professional women’s soccer team the San Antonio Athenians.

As a center midfielder on the 25-player roster, she looks forward to the opportunity to keep playing.

“Soccer is my passion,” Lochte, 22, said. “This is the first professional women’s team in San Antonio too so it’s a very big deal. I love to compete and having the chance to play again after graduating college means the world to me. It’s awesome to represent San Antonio and be able to encourage others as I represent something other than myself. As a soccer player and a person, it’s a humbling experience.

With season play from May through July, the team is gearing up for their first game in the Southwestern Conference while trying to get sponsors and promote players who could possibly go on to the Women’s Premier Soccer League.

Along with playing for the Athenians, Lochte is also the owner of FIT Athletics—her personal training business—where she works with clients ranging from age 10 to 70.

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“I focus on everything from sports and rehabilitation training to people who are trying to back into sports,” Lochte said. “I enjoy working with so many types of different people and making them feel comfortable. It’s rewarding to see them reach their goals and I truly care about all of my clients.”

She’s also enjoys seeing her students at St. Mary’s Hall excel in soccer. Lochte admits being on the other side as a coach has taught her a new understanding and appreciation for the game.

“I’m coaching students who are all over the place in skill ability from those who’ve never played to other who are very advanced,” she said. “While it’s hard to mix them all together at time, it’s important because it helps the entire team grow. The teamwork and communication you learn as a coach is different than when you’re a player and I definitely have even more respect for coaches now.”

While Lochte says the opportunity to play for the Athenians and coach have taken her on a new journey, she says her time at TLU is what prepared her for everything.

“I love TLU and I loved how involved professors were in your life and supportive of sports,” Lochte said. “TLU really prepared me for my post-graduation life. I learned perseverance there and how to balance sports and academics balance with friends and free time. With everything I’m doing now that was an amazing skill to learn. TLU was so much more than just going to college and graduating. I feel I was led down that path for a reason and it gave me the confidence to be where I am today.”