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Binge-worthy shows to fill your summer

June 1, 2016


by Sarah Neill

Being out of class can lead to a lot of boredom, making summer the perfect time to catch up on all your favorite shows. You get all the fun of the finals week TV binge, without the guilt of not studying. Since, setting up the summer queue can cause a lot of indecision, look no further for great ideas for what to watch. Whatever category of shows you’re looking for, you can find hours of programing to fill those long summer days.

Crime Dramas

The list of crime dramas is never ending, from CSI to Sons of Anarchy, there are probably about 50 that you will want to stream. There are endless traditional police shows like Blue Bloods or Criminal Minds, if you want to catch the bad guy with some hard work. Psych, Lie to Me, and White Collar should top your list if you enjoy the consultants who add a unique way of thinking to your favorite cases. A focus on the criminals is also refreshing with series like Breaking Bad or Orange is the New Black. No matter the type of crime drama, you could spend your entire summer immersed in just one genre.

Super Justice

Superheroes are more prominent than ever this year. Between all your classes, homework, and jobs, you probably haven’t been able to keep up with your favorite vigilante. Whether you rock DC with Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, or Supergirl, or you’re a Marvel fan with Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Agents of SHIELD, there are plenty of shows to keep you busy. Just remember, leave the crime fighting to your local chemically exposed mutant. These shows might make you want to take up parkour, but leave the acrobatics to the professionals.


Catastrophe shows have exploded in ratings this past season. Finding a thrilling series is not the end of the world. The Walking Dead will keep you in suspense. If you’re more concerned about nuclear war on the horizon, The 100 and Jericho will put your mind in a state of unrest. All of these shows have the betrayal you crave, but Revolution emphasizes the power struggle of humanity.

Kings and Queens

While student loans might have you feeling like a peasant, at least you can find a kingdom you actually want to join. If historical relevance is important, Reign, The Tudors, and The Borgias should be in the queue. Fiction over fact leave dramas like The Adventures of Robin Hood, Merlin, and Da Vinci’s Demons on the must watch list. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, Vikings covers Norse heroes and maintains historical accuracy. Obviously you can’t watch kings and queens without watching what started the craze—Game of Thrones. A medieval marathon makes a mundane summer break magical (try saying that 10 times fast).

Comedy Specials

Netflix has stepped up its stand-up, so take some time to get an ab workout from laughing too hard. Enjoy hilarity from former Saturday Night Live writer John Mulaney or former Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson. Netflix also features actors like Aziz Ansari, aka Tom Haverford from Parks and Recreation, and Mike Birbiglia from Trainwreck. The collection of comical ladies is also growing. Some of the best female stand-up comics include Iliza Shlesinger, Jen Kirkman, and Chelsea Peretti, former writer on Saturday Night Live. The new specials, like Patton Oswald’s and Ali Wong’s, are sure to keep you rolling on the floor.


Sometimes a show that just makes you giggle is the best cure for summer boredom. If you need something ridiculous like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the witty 30 Rock and the lengthy tale of How I Met Your Mother are also entertaining. The longer series should keep you busy for a week. Animated shows like Bob’s Burgers and Family Guy are also great for some chuckles. If you get the summer blues, shows like The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and New Girl will definitely brighten your spirits. To remind you of the Saved by the Bell days, there are plenty of shows that will take a trip down memory lane, like Fuller House. Sitcoms like Baby Daddy and Young & Hungry will have you reminiscing about what now only plays on “Nick at Nite.”


It’s amusing to criticize someone’s chicken pate while eating fifteen-cent Ramen—Chef Gordon Ramsey would be so proud. Shows like Cutthroat Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares will inspire the cruel chef in you. If you want to learn more about cooking while still cracking a smile, Worst Cooks in America is the must-watch competition. Enjoy all the calories across your TV screens from shows like Ace of Cakes or Cupcake Wars, without actually savoring the carbs. Hopefully these episodes will inspire you to get into the kitchen.

Sarah Neill is a political science major and a communication studies minor at Texas Lutheran University and she hopes to go into politics once she graduates. Sarah likes to stay busy on campus, whether it is working as an admissions ambassador and marketing & communications intern, or being at rehearsal for the TLU women's choir. She is very devoted to her studies, takes part in the Honors Program and is a member of Alpha Lambda Delta.