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Donate Books, Plant Trees

December 4, 2011


At the end of each semester, TLU students donate books, via the TLU Bookstore, that have little or no market value to an organization called Book Drives, Inc. Book Drives recycles the books and contributes money to Trees for the Future, which plants trees based on the numbers of books recycled.

In Fall 2010, 46 trees were planted due to book donations from TLU. The environmental effects included:

  • Pounds of paper recycled and saved from landfills: 139 pounds
  • Carbon sequestration committed: 2300 pounds

For Spring 2011, book donation results were:

  • Trees planted: 55
  • Paper saved from landfills: 225 pounds
  • Carbon sequestration committed: 2750 pounds
  • Water saved: 382.42 gallons
  • Oil saved: 25.47 gallons
  • Air pollutants not contributed to atmosphere: 32.29 pounds
  • Kilowatt hours saved: 224.24

Since the TLU bookstore began working with Book Drives, our book donations have resulted in the planting of 86 trees. According to Book Drives, “the trees are planted all over the world to provide for carbon sequestration, shade, beauty, agro-forestry projects to provide food, watershed management and many other ecological uses.”