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Graduate Discusses Medical School, First-Gen Experience

April 10, 2018


After watching his grandfather’s illness progress, Edgar Rafael Infante ’14 knew he wanted to pursue medicine. He’s currently studying at Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara School of Medicine and will soon return to San Antonio for clinical rotations at the Baptist Health System.

“What really drove me to become a doctor was the inability to do something for my grandfather,” he said. “I watched as his diabetes became kidney failure. I was really close to him and I wanted to help.”

Infante, a first-generation student, molecular biology and Spanish major, and TLU soccer player, says his personal experiences shaped him as a student and professional.

“I’m the first in my family to go to college so everything was new to me,” he said. “I did struggle, but those challenges made me stronger. I chose to go on a mission trip to Honduras and that was a really key moment. We were able to see a different world view and how those villages faced public health issues we don’t worry about in the U.S.”

After graduating, Infante started working as a medical scribe at Guadalupe Regional Medical Center in Seguin and then at Baptist Health System as an emergency scribe. Medical scribes personally assist physicians while documenting encounters with patients, keeping records, and acquiring data and diagnostics.

“Seeing surgeons work with people opened my views on medicine,” he said. “I assisted in a hernia repair surgery and it was a gratifying experience. After that, I decided to apply to medical school.”

While he’s excited to pursue pediatric surgery here in the U.S., Infante said his schooling in Guadalajara was invaluable.

“Doctors in Mexico are often dealing with patients who don’t have insurance and I was able to see how the surgeons deal with that,” he said. “I worked with pediatricians and orthopedic surgeons and was able to have first-hand experiences that students here aren’t able to have. I’m very grateful for that opportunity and I know TLU gave me the tools to be successful.”