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​Graduate Taking Skills Across The Globe

June 30, 2017


Emily Solis ’17 is making the move from Seguin to Slovakia. The social entrepreneurship major will soon begin working as an English teacher at the Jan Amos Comenius Evangelical Lutheran Gymnazium in the town of Kosice.

She chose the private bilingual Lutheran high school for the opportunity to live in another part of the world where she could learn a new language while experiencing a new way of life.

“Many of the nonprofits and organizations that we've studied have international backgrounds and serve people all over the world,” Solis said. “All the courses I took were very globally focused. I thought getting in at the ground-level internationally would be a great place to start gaining experiences working with unique cross-sections of people and serving others different from myself.”

While the work of many individuals in the field of social entrepreneurship may not be the most glamorous, Solis said it’s about so much more than that.

“I believe this major, more than any of the others I considered, demonstrates that there’s hope in the world and there are people willing to shape their entire careers around changing it,” Solis said. “There is no way I would’ve considered this field if I didn't have instructors like Alicia Olson, Robin Bisha, and Judith Hoffman. They have instilled confidence in me that I carry with me every day.”