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SCUBA Diving in Cozumel with Dr. Sieben

June 29, 2015


by Dr. John T. Sieben

Recently a video was posted on the TLU YouTube channel. The "20 degrees 30 minutes north" video gives a 10-minute look into the life on the reefs of this tropical water world. Cozumel is an island, the Island of Swallows, roughly eight miles east of the Yucatan mainland. A strong current flows between the mainland and the island, usually south to north, and this current allows us to do “drift dives” in which we will drop off of a boat and let the current carry us for 60 to 80 minutes. In this amount of time you could well be one kilometer beyond where you started your dive but the boat captain will have been following your bubbles and when you surface your boat will be ready to pick you up. This is a very relaxed type of diving.

For several reasons this is one of my favorite places to enjoy SCUBA diving. The reefs are in very good shape. You will find most of the sponges, corals, fishes, and crustaceans that inhabit the Caribbean. 

The town, San Miguel, is convenient and friendly. Over the last few years some wonderful restaurants have been established and redefined Cozumel fine dining. Try the lionfish cakes, they are great.

The hotels are much more than adequate and the employees are eager to do whatever they can to make your stay memorable.It doesn’t hurt that the staff smiles big and says, “Senior Juan, you are back!” If all of that isn’t enough, what clinches the deal for me is that I can have an early breakfast in my kitchen at home, lunch in San Miguel, and get in two world class dives before dinner. The reefs of Cozumel are incredibly convenient to Seguin, Texas.

SCUBA diving is an example of a lifetime sport. There are several: golf, cycling, swimming, hiking, the list goes on. I strongly urge every college student to find a lifetime sport that he/she enjoys and stick with it. Be active, see the world, enjoy the sights, sounds, taste, smells, and texture of the planet. Your life will be much richer because you have engaged your world. Carpe diem, you will be glad you did.

Dr. John T. Sieben is a math and computer science professor at Texas Lutheran University.