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Small Actions with Big Impacts

December 4, 2011


TLU is currently working on several initiatives to better serve the environment.

  • Paper towels, toilet paper and napkins are made of 100% recycled paper
  • Graduation gowns and hats are made of recycled bottles
  • Recycled pool water is used to water athletic fields
  • A “bulb gobbler” was purchased to dispose of used fluorescent bulbs
  • An aerosol can reclaimer is used to capture emissions from used cans
  • Cooking oil is recycled by a third-party company, Liquid Environmental Solutions
  • Garbage bags are made of 75% recycled material
  • Bookstore bags are made of 98% recycled material
  • Gas-fired chillers were replaced with high-efficiency electric absorption chillers
  • Boilers were replaced with high-efficiency boilers
  • Scrap metal is sent to CMC in Seguin for recycling
  • The paper in the campus paper shredders is recycled
  • Students collect aluminum cans, plastic bottles and paper from residence halls for recycling at local facility
  • Trayless cafeteria saves 600 gallons of water and 1,200 lbs. of trash per week
  • AT&T science building features rainwater collection system and motion sensor lights
  • Students, faculty and staff participate in Earth Day programs on campus and in the community
  • Students have the opportunity to minor in Environmental Studies/Science