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STEM Students Present to Texas Academy of Sciences

March 27, 2017


Biology faculty (Drs. Danielle Grove, Mark Gustafson, Alan Lievens, Bob Jonas, and Stephanie Perez) and Dr. John Sieben from the Mathematics Department accompanied 12 students (Kaycee Camou, Brittanie Cervantes, Maraena Dobbins, Madalynne Gatto, Joseph Gonzales, Camille Green, Geremy Lerma, Katherine Pesek, Madeline Sands, Sydney Sierra, Kody Windecker, Rebecca Woodward) to the 120th Annual Meeting of the Texas Academy of Sciences at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. Madalynne Gatto (pictured below, a senior biology major, presented the work performed by the Weston Ranch research group in summer 2016 and received the Best Undergraduate Paper Award in the Botany Section. Junior biology students, Kody Windecker and Geremy Lerma, presented posters on research they performed last year with members of the biology faculty, Dr. Gustafson and Dr. Perez, respectively.