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Church Relations

About TLU Church Relations

Texas Lutheran University, a ministry of the congregations of the Southwestern Texas, Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast and Northern Texas-Northern Louisiana Synods of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), is a community of learning and a community of faith.


We provide our students with a rigorous education in a community of faith, and we welcome people of all faiths to be part of our community as we explore life in the wondrous light of God’s grace.

TLU finds the Lutheran tradition of strong support for the liberal arts and a true fit within its mission, and the basis by which Martin Luther established the church. Because of our Lutheran heritage, founded by German and Scandinavian immigrants, and our relationship with the ELCA, we approach education by exploring vocation. We believe the purpose of higher education is to prepare leaders to serve in the world loved and created by God.

TLU interacts directly with congregations, creating an awareness of the university's ministry and mission, as well as aid congregation members in understanding TLU's role in their congregation’s ministry. Our parishioners can feel proud to be part of something positively impacting the world around them by supporting TLU.

TLU Church Relations is committed to all aspects of the ELCA's mission and values, including dignity, compassion, justice, diversity, inclusion, courage, openness to change, forgiveness, reconciliation, and we are called to be faithful stewards of God's creation and gifts. 

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Partnerships Within the Church

The Lutheran Advantage

Students of all faith traditions have good reason to consider TLU for their college experience because of TLU's academic excellence, focus on the whole person, and dedication to the core values of faith, freedom, vocation and service. But Lutheran students have an extra advantage at TLU— the Lutheran Advantage Scholarship

This scholarship gives Lutheran students the advantage of an extra $1,000 per year in scholarship assistance on top of TLU's already generous academic scholarship program, as well as the commitment that the student's combined Lutheran and Academic scholarships can be renewed up to four additional years as long as the student maintains at least a 2.0 grade point average.

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Congregational Scholarship Endowments

St. John Lutheran Church, Lindenau, Texas is one of many congregations that have created an endowment at Texas Lutheran University to support student scholarships. Some congregations have created endowments in thanksgiving for the years of partnership they have enjoyed with TLU, or out of a commitment to TLU students from their immediate area, or to celebrate the blessings they have received. Some congregations created endowments at the time of their dissolution in order to create a legacy commemorating their life and ministry as a congregation. TLU deeply appreciates such love and loyalty.

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