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Michael Ruane

Department of Chemistry

Assoc. Professor, Department Chair


Michael Ruane
Moody Science
Phone: 830-372-6041



Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry, University of Wyoming

B.S. in Chemistry, University of Arizona


Dreyfus Post-Doctoral Scholar, 2003-2006

First-Year Scholars Outstanding Faculty, 2011, University of Northern Colorado


& Professional Experience

The Ruane Group is collaborating with the National Cancer Institute in synthesizing anti-cancer compounds to treat drug-resistant cancers.Currently the Ruane Group has developed 26 compounds for testing with more on the way.

Dr. Ruane is also developing high-impact learning methods to improve the college learning experience.He has transitioned Organic Chemistry into the “inverted classroom” model and plans to do the same to General Chemistry.


& Presentations

Ruane, M.D.; Cowey, K.; Gilbert, S.T.; “Isatin Derivatives for Multidrug Resistant Anti-Tumor Research,” Poster Presentation at the Southwest Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Waco, November 2013

Ruane, M.D.; Dallman, M.J.; Kopiske, J.K.; Reinhard, E.T.; “Synthesis of 2-Aminoquionline and Derivatives as Novel Antibiotics,” Poster Presentation at the Midwest Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Iowa City, 2009