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Business Partner Program


Texas Lutheran University has a rich history of commitment to preparing graduates for lives of purpose and service in the world. Business and industry have played a significant role at TLU for decades through generous philanthropic support, volunteerism and exchange of ideas. These partnerships have also led to opportunities for students and faculty through post-graduate employment, internships, grants and sponsored research, and more.

The TLU Corporate Partnership Program recognizes a core group of the university’s most loyal and dedicated business, foundation and corporate supporters. Corporate Partners make yearly generous and impactful gifts of $2,500-$20,000 to The Texas Lutheran Fund. These annual gifts are used exclusively to provide scholarships to students with financial need, or to a defined program of direct support to students. By supporting TLU through student scholarships, companies strengthen ties with the university and establish direct links with some of the finest undergraduate students entering the marketplace. 

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The TLU Business Partners Program is open for membership to businesses, organizations, partnerships, foundations and corporations.