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Gifts Of Cash, Checks, Credit Cards

Outright gifts of cash, by check or credit card, are the easiest gifts to make. They are also tax deductible in the year given. TLU also gratefully accepts pledges – gifts that are paid over time. You can make a pledge commitment and set up a payment schedule that works best for you.

To make a gift by credit card or e-check, you can give now using our secure online giving payment solution.

Pledges and cash gifts made by check (payable to Texas Lutheran University) should be mailed with your pledge/gift form to:

Development Office
Texas Lutheran University
1000 West Court Street
Seguin, TX 78155-9952
Phone: 830-372-8030
Fax: 830-372-8036

Your contribution may be designated for a specific program or it may be undesignated, available for meeting the University’s highest priorities. If you wish your gift to be used in a certain way, be sure to indicate your preference both on the check and in a cover letter or by using our standard pledge/gift form.