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Live to Inspire: Joel Waldon ‘08

April 29, 2013

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When Joel Waldon ’08 started his first semester at Texas Lutheran University in the fall of 2004, he was unsure of what awaited him. Coming from Judson High School in San Antonio, where his graduating class was larger than the entire TLU campus, he did know he was ready to join a close-knit community of learning, camaraderie and faith.

After graduation, Waldon obtained his master of intercollegiate administration and went on to work for the Rodeo Events Center in Dallas. The communications studies major and former football player is now a sales representative for the San Antonio Spurs. He credits his time at TLU with guiding him to where he is now.

“TLU allowed me to expand who I was and what I was doing,” Waldon said. “I interacted with so many diverse groups of people which made me more well-rounded. Although I was an athlete, I got the chance to meet and socialize with all types of students.”

He also said the shy, introverted person he was, has grown into an individual who is now very comfortable interacting with people.

“I wasn’t a very talkative student and speaking in front of people was never a strong suit of mine,” Waldon said, “The professors in the communications department gave me the training in persuasion, negotiation and speaking that I use every day in my sales job. Professors Steve Vrooman, Robin Bisha and Chris Bollinger all prepared and guided me. I even kept most of the books used in their classes and I refer to them at times. I’m more confident because of them.”

Although he has the skills necessary to excel in sales, Waldon said his job is about building relationships, and that’s exactly what students do at TLU.

“Not only is TLU a strong academic school, the resources they have to help students are there,” he said. “From career services to the professors themselves, I encourage current students to utilize those resources. Lean on them. You might not come to TLU knowing what you want to do; however, if you get involved, use everything available to you. You’ll have a better understanding of yourself and that will help launch you towards success.”

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