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Live to Inspire: Rebecca Enslow ‘10

May 20, 2013

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Rebecca Enslow enjoys reading people. From the way a person speaks to their mannerisms and eye movement, the 2010 psychology major is fascinated with deciphering human behavior. Her background at Texas Lutheran University and her master’s degree in criminal justice from Texas State University have landed her a job with the United States Army doing human intelligence collections where she will conduct interrogations, debriefings and travel around the world.

Along with high scores on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test, Enslow said her individual research and study abroad opportunities at TLU caught the attention of army personnel.

"At TLU, I studied in Russia, did animal research in Norway and traveled throughout in the United Kingdom," Enslow said. "My time at TLU made me want to travel even more. I was the only person who entered my master’s program with any type of research experience. While pursuing my master’s degree, I traveled again to Russia, this time in Vladimir, where I met with government officials, toured prisons and did things that weren’t strictly tourism."

Enslow said the individuals who hired her were impressed with the cultural exchange and exposure she already had and her ability to navigate a foreign culture and interact with the people.

"For this profession, I’ll essentially be a foreign network connection for the army and have interpersonal contacts within specific villages or towns," Enslow said. "The job will have various levels of security clearance and my goal is to basically make local people trust me and share information."

For the first several years of her career, Enslow will be overseas shadowing a senior officer in her field. Along with basic training, she underwent several other tests determining her abilities to learn new languages-another area she performed well in. Ideally, she would like to return to Russia, but could end up anywhere the Army wants to use her specific talents.

Her advice to college students is simple: take the special talents you have and the skills you learned and apply them where you can be successful.

"I always tell students and just people in general to use their special skills to find a career, not just a job. The professors at TLU are invested in their students and they taught me to take risks. Always consider your options and look into all the amazing programs your university might offer. Study abroad. Do internships. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to make up your own path."

Video: Rebecca Enslow speaks to current students about her experiences at TLU and how they helped her career.

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