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TLU COVID-19 Update: May 21, 2020

May 21, 2020

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The COVID-19 Planning and Response Committee is meeting daily but has transitioned to twice-weekly communications to campus on Mondays and Thursdays unless circumstances warrant additional communication.


Guidance regarding masks on campus: The committee would like to remind the TLU community to wear a mask while on campus. This includes wearing a mask when walking across campus to other buildings, in parking lots, and in common areas. A good rule of thumb is to error on the side of caution and always wear your mask unless you are working in your office or in a room/area by yourself. Let’s start now by making this a good habit we automatically do to protect each other.

Our web page, TLU.EDU/SEMC, has been updated to include President Cottrell’s plan, “Looking Ahead: Our Plan for Summer and Fall 2020.” She will also host a livestream town hall meeting for faculty and staff on Tuesday, May 26, at 10:30 am to share information from the May 15 Board of Regents meeting and to discuss the latest on COVID-19 and TLU’s plans for reopening campus in August.

The COVID-19 Work Teams, mentioned in the President’s planning document on the website, have been notified and will begin their work immediately. As a reminder, the Work Teams are:

  • Academics: chaired by Interim VPAA Annette Citzler and incoming VPAA Sarah Ferguson
  • Health Services: chaired by VP and Dean of Student Life & Learning Kristi Quiros
  • Operations: chaired by Interim VP for Administration Bill Senter
  • Student Activities & Events: chaired by Associate Dean of Student Life & Learning Kyle Wych
  • Communications & Training: chaired by VP for Admissions, Marketing and Communications Sarah Story

As always, all updates and announcements dating back to early March are available on

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