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TLU Launches New Recycling Program with Greenstar

April 5, 2011

Texas Lutheran University (TLU) will launch a new recycling program on April 12, 2011 in partnership with Greenstar Recycling of San Antonio. Greenstar’s interactive educational trailer will help kick off the new recycling program and allow the TLU community to boost environmental sustainability efforts and awareness on campus in preparation for Earth Day. The entire community is invited to experience the educational trailer and learn more about recycling and everyday ways to reduce environmental impact.

The Greenstar educational trailer will be open from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. on April 12 in the parking lot behind the library. Several games and activities such as a Toter Race, Recyclables Sorting Contest, and Baseball Recycling will be available for the community’s enjoyment throughout the day on the Chapel and Library Lawns. The community is encouraged to bring their recyclable materials to help kick off the program. Alumnus Jose Flores of VOS Flips will also be on hand to talk about his 100% recyclable rubber sandals and how each step can make a difference.

The TLU community will be able to recycle not only paper, but plastic bottles, aluminum cans and cardboard. In collaboration with TLU staff and the student Environmental Action (EnAct) group, Greenstar will outfit the campus with several recycling containers in dorms, classrooms and high traffic areas to make recycling more convenient. TLU hopes to expand recycling opportunities to the greater Seguin community after students, faculty and staff have become familiar with the program during its initial phases following the launch.

The new recycling program is just one of the ideas implemented by the Environmental Sustainability Committee established in January 2010. The students, faculty and staff who make up the committee meet once a month to find ways to reduce TLU’s carbon footprint, practice sustainability and be more environmentally responsible.

Here are some of TLU’s current environmental sustainability initiatives:
Paper towels, toilet paper and napkins are made of 100% recycled paper
Graduation gowns and hats are made of recycled bottles
Recycled pool water is used to water athletic fields
A “bulb gobbler” was purchased to dispose of used fluorescent bulbs
An aerosol can reclaimer is used to capture emissions from used cans
Cooking oil is recycled by a third-party company, Liquid Environmental Solutions
Garbage bags are made of 75% recycled material
Bookstore bags are made of 98% recycled material
Gas-fired chillers were replaced with high-efficiency electric absorption chillers
Boilers were replaced with high-efficiency boilers
Scrap metal is sent to CMC in Seguin for recycling
The paper in the campus paper shredders is recycled
Students collect aluminum cans, plastic bottles and paper from residence halls for recycling at local facility
Trayless cafeteria saves 600 gallons of water and 1,200 lbs. of trash per week
AT&T science building features rainwater collection system and motion sensor lights
Students, faculty and staff participate in Earth Day programs on campus and in the community
Students have the opportunity to minor in Environmental Studies/Science

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