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Connect @ TLU

Connect @ TLU

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Alumni Student Center, Suite 105 


Andella Janicek
Student Activities Director

Connect @ TLU offers students a centralized digital hub for campus organizations activities, news and events to keep students informed, involved and connected. Connect @ TLU sets students apart with a tool for reflection, allowing them to find broader applications for the experiences, knowledge and skills acquired in and outside the classroom.

  • How it works
    • Create your Profile, complete with picture, contact information and manage your privacy settings and notifications just like your social media accounts
    • Get organization and event recommendations by selecting and ranking your interest in different subjects and categories
    • Search the Organizations Directory by name, category or keyword
    • Get to know organizations and its members and ask to join online
    • Register for organizations and download necessary forms
    • Manage your past and current organization memberships
    • Check out the digital bulletin board for the latest events & news and post your event flyer
    • Create events and stay organized with your custom calendar featuring organization and other events
    • Create, organize, print and save your Co-Curricular Transcript to document your organization involvement and the experiences outside the classroom that have shaped your knowledge and skills
  • What it does

    The Connect Program is as unique to TLU as Compass, our general education curriculum. Compass and Connect compliment each other by linking learning inside and outside the classroom to broader social and job skills valued by prospective employers. Connect also helps organize your involvement outside the classroom and related competencies that are similar to those required in Compass for graduation. Connect then collects all those experiences and skills and puts them into a personalized Co-Curricular Transcript and organizes them in the Bulldog Activity Registration Curriculum.

  • Your Co-Curricular Transcript

    The Co-Curricular Transcript through Connect @ TLU is a record of a student’s involvement in educational experiences taking place outside of the classroom at TLU. The transcript reflects involvement and provides an opportunity to highlight leadership, decision-making, team-building, problem solving, communication, goal setting and networking skills. The Co-Curricular Transcript can be used to provide speaking points for job interviews, apply to grad schools, and showcase leadership experiences.

    This transcript acts as a great tool to help build your resume and summarize the skills you acquired at TLU that set you apart from your peers when applying for jobs after graduation. You'll be able to point to a specific experience and talk about how it shaped your approach to problem-solving, social issues, self-expression and leadership. At TLU, you'll learn how to recognize skill-building opportunities, refine those skills, apply them and reflect on how they make you ready to take on the world.

    For more information about your Co-Curricular Transcript and how to access it, visit MyTLU (login required).

  • BARC

    The Bulldog Activity Registration Curriculum (BARC) contains a collection of programs and activities designed to help students make the most of their collegiate experience. BARC is a co-curricular program that will enhance student development beyond the classroom setting, encouraging students to network socially among peers and to include students in traditional and signature university events. Each year, a selection of events and activities will be available to students categorized by four domains.

    *The icons you see here will appear on flyers, online advertisements, etc. for events that are part of each curriculum category.

    BARC is completed by fulfilling three events or activities in each of the four domains for a total of 12. A student will have the most well-rounded experience by choosing to participate in a variety of events throughout the four domains each year. Connect @ TLU enables students to track and monitor progress towards completing the program. Students can complete BARC at their own pace. Throughout the year, drawings for prizes will be held for students on track to complete the curriculum. Recognition for completing the curriculum will occur at the end of the spring semester.

    BARC is not a requirement for graduation and the Co-Curricular Transcript is not tied to the official university transcript.