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More parent information can be found on MyTLU.

  • The Right College for Your Student

    Parent Brochure

    Choosing the right college is one of the most important decisions a family will make and an investment which will pay a lifetime of dividends. At TLU, we are committed to assisting you and your student through every step of your college search. The information contained in the guide will assist you in helping your student throughout his/her college search, application and admission experience.

    Download the TLU Parent Brochure in English or Spanish.

    Parent Guide

    View the TLU Parent Guide for more information on transition from high school to college.

    Guía de los padres a TLU en español

    Learn Boldly. Live to Inspire.

    As a liberal arts college, TLU offers a wide range of majors and academic programs to get your student on the path to a productive career. To ensure your student gets the most out of their educational experience at TLU, we've structured Compass, our general education curriculum (all the classes required to earn a degree), to focus on skills and competencies that employers want and to emphasize drawing connections between lessons inside and outside the classroom. TLU students graduate with more than a degree—they graduate with skills and a knowledge of how to apply those skills, making them well-rounded, conscientious and confident prospective employees.

    Visit Campus

    One of the most important elements of any college search is visiting campus. Finding the right college is about finding a place that “fits” and there is no better way to get a sense of “fit” than with a campus visit. You and your student will fall in love with TLU after visiting our beautiful campus and experiencing the sense of community here.

    The Office of Admissions provides an array of visit options, including evening hours on select days, to accommodate your schedule. You can visit during Dog Days, or schedule an individual visiton a date that works for you.

    On your visit, you'll notice Seguin and TLU are both off the beaten path, away from distractions common at other universities. While students still find plenty to do around town and in nearby New Braunfels, San Antonio and Austin, the student life experience at TLU focuses on continued learning, civic engagementand campus involvement. Student organizations and Greek life are active on campus, providing all the social interaction students expect from college.

    Why a Lutheran College?

    Any student can find their place at TLU, not just Lutherans. TLU welcomes all faiths as we emphasize the Lutheran philosophy of education and learning. For those looking to feed their faith or spirituality, campus ministry offers several opportunities for gathering and worship.

    Support Services

    Most importantly, your student is not alone in their college journey when they attend TLU. Beyond academic advising and career development, students benefit from a strong support system to keep them on track. Whether its accommodations, health services, counseling or help in the classroom, TLU staff are available to meet your student's needs. We also have a strong dedication to the safety of your student on and off campus.

    We're dedicated to making sure your student receives the best education possible, so our classes are taught by faculty members, not graduate students. Faculty often work individually with students on research projects, conference presentations and gaining real world experience in their field of study.

    From individual attention to expanding learning beyond the classroom, TLU strives to help your student succeed during college and after. We encourage students to discover what inspires them, drives them, and boldly pursue it. That's why at TLU, we learn boldly and live to inspire.

  • College Application Process & Financial Aid

    TLU currently operates on rolling admissions, meaning we accept applications year-round. However, there are application deadlines you and your student should keep in mind to ensure timely admission and receiving financial aid.

    Students are encouraged to start preparing for college applications early in high school by taking required exams and building their résumé of extra-curricular activities helpful on merit-based scholarships. In addition to filing the FAFSA, parents and students should review college costs and available scholarships, grants and loans.

    For more information about preparing to apply, the application process and being admitted, view our step-by-step guide for Applying to TLU.

  • Keep in Touch with Your Student

    Visit Your Student

    After helping your student move into their residence hall, and they begin Orientation, parents and families are invited to get a crash course on student life and learning at TLU during Parent & Family Orientation.

    Parting from your student after a long summer with them is always difficult the first few months of the fall semester. That's why we invite you back to campus to hang out with your student for Family Weekend, which takes place during our Homecoming celebrations.

    Check the events calendar often to see when there might be an event on campus you would be interested in attending. Each semester, TLU brings speakers, artists and performers to enrich the campus culture. One of our biggest academic events is the Annual Krost Symposium, which tackles different social, economic and cultural topics each year. You also will not want to miss our Christmas Vespers concert featuring the TLU choirs. As your student approaches the end of their time at TLU, they will have the opportunity to present their senior project at the Annual Student Academic Symposium in the spring prior to graduation.

    If you can't make it to campus, you'll want to know when your student may be coming home for breaks. All of the important dates pertaining to classes and university holidays are included on the academic calendar.

    Parent Portal

    The TLU Parent Portal is a great resource for parents to stay up to date on what's happening on campus, handle business accounts and stay connected with students away at college. Parents can view information about their students, including financial statements, grades, contact information and more. Use the portal to pay tuition, purchase Bulldog Bucks and read the latest Parent Newsletter.

    How to Access Student Information & Login to the Parent Portal

    Due to laws regarding the privacy and confidentiality of student records (FERPA), students must grant permission for a parent, guardian or other family member to access academic and/or financial information. Students often find it helpful to give access for family members to view grades, enrollment information, financial data and tuition balances to expedite payments and aid in completing important tax and insurance documents.

    Many student grant access during Bulldog Basics, TLU's advising and registration days prior to the beginning of classes their first year, and parents will then have access within about two weeks. If your student did not grant you access during Bulldog Basics, you can ask them to log in to MyTLU, select the Student tab, click on Set FERPA Permissions and follow the instructions. The person receiving permissions will be given a MyTLU account and access to the information specified by the student. Your student reserves the right to restrict permission and revoke access at any time.

    Parent Email

    Each month of the academic year (August through May), TLU Parent News is emailed to parents of students, keeping you informed of important announcements and upcoming dates on the academic calendar. From registration and residence halls to tuition payments and academic support, the email helps parents stay in touch.

    For questions and more information about TLU Parent News, please contact the Office of First Year and Campus Programs at 830-372-6040 or email

    Parent Handbook & Calendar

    Every year, TLU publishes a Parent Handbook & Calendar full of important dates, activities, tips and university resources and policies. Parents of first-year students will receive their copy during Bulldog Orientation at the parent session on Saturday. This is also a great resource for all of the frequently asked questions from parents, ranging from grades and graduation requirements to tuition payment and scholarships to dorm rooms and health and safety. 

    Download The Latest Handbook & Calendar

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