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Servant Leader of the Year

Servant Leader of the Year

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The TLU Center for Servant Leadership annually hosts a Celebration of Service to recognize the efforts of students, staff, and faculty, in addition to community partners in Seguin. 

The nomination form for the 2020 Celebration of Service Awards is now closed. Award winners will be announced at the Celebration of Service event on Friday, April 24, from 4-5pm in the Dunne Conference Room, Tschoepe Hall.

  • Awards

    Each year TLU recognizes four individuals with the following awards.

    Outstanding Community Partner

    An award recognizing a nonprofit in the Seguin community that has demonstrated an exemplary partnership with TLU over the past year. This partnership could include working with a faculty member on developing a course, mentoring a TLU student through their service at the agency, or striving to build bridges between the TLU and Seguin communities. The Center for Servant Leadership chooses to highlight a community partner each year that goes above and beyond their normal duties to cultivate a relationship with TLU.

    Outstanding Civic Engagement Course

    An award recognizing a fall or spring course from this academic year that incorporates civic engagement through an ongoing partnership with a community agency. Past recipients of this award have used creativity, technology and research to incorporate service into their classrooms. The Center for Servant Leadership chooses to highlight a course that can serve as a model for civic engagement in a curricular setting.

    Outstanding Co-Curricular Service Project

    An award recognizing a fall or spring co-curricular, non-academic experience from this academic year that facilitates an ongoing partnership with a community agency. Past recipients of this award have been modules, student organizations, athletic teams, or other outside-of-the-classroom experiences that have excelled at promoting community involvement. The Center for Servant Leadership chooses to highlight a co-curricular project that can demonstrate the variety of community service opportunities that exist on TLU's campus.

    Servant Leader of the Year

    An award recognizing individual accomplishments in the realm of civic engagement. Servant Leaders embody the philosophies of the Center for Servant Leadership, acknowledging that positive, sustainable change happens through building mutually-beneficial relationships with others. We recognize that servant leadership can take place outside of the context of traditional direct service, but can happen in other relationships as well. The Center for Servant Leadership chooses to highlight four individuals in this category each year: Staff, Faculty, Student, and Community.

  • How to Nominate

    Please use the form at the bottom of this page to nominate any member of the TLU or Seguin community for any of the awards. We are especially interested in receiving nominations that celebrate individuals who:

    • Exhibit kindness, humility, and respect in all they do
    • Impact the quality of life of people on the margins of society
    • Have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to service, especially in the last year

    Any member of the TLU or Seguin community can nominate individuals in any category, and previous nominees who were not selected may be re-nominated. Awards will be presented at the TLU Celebration of Service on Friday, April 24, 2020, from 4-5 p.m. in the Dunne Conference Room in Tschoepe Hall.

  • Past Servant Leader of The Year Recipients

    2020 Recipients: Ms. Karen Wallock (community), Ms. Kim Smith (staff), Mr. Adrian Villarreal (student), and Professor Beth Barry (faculty)

    2019 Recipients: Mr. Pete Silvius (community), Ms. Ashlie Ford (staff), Ms. Joyce Nawara (student), and Dr. Kimberly Griffith (faculty)

    2018 Recipients: Pastor Megan Elliott (community), Ms. Brenda Whalen (staff), Ms. Lauren Raymond (student), Dr. Corinne Castro (faculty), and Dr. Judith Hoffmann (faculty)

    2017 Recipients: Ms. Merry White (community), Capt. Irene Garcia (staff), Ms. Andrea Moreno (student), and Professor Shannon Ivey (faculty)

    2015 Recipients: Mr. Alberto “Beto” Rincon (community), Mr. Ben Villagomez (staff), Mr. Luis Perez (staff), Dr. Jerry Carr (faculty), Prof. Resa Cunningham (faculty), and Ms. Chelsea Gamble (student)

    2014 Recipients: Chris and Ileen Rangel (community), Kelly Smith (community), Eddie Salazar (staff), Rodrick Shao (faculty), and Gabby Rangel (student)

    2013 Recipients: Marie Paiz (staff), Dr. Robin Bisha (faculty), Kayla Hartmann (student), and Frank Rangel (community)

    2012 Recipients: Marvel Maddox (community), Dr. Bill Squires (faculty), Annette Roecker (staff), and Katie Kyle (student)

    2011 Recipients: Paul Castillo and Dr. Paul Martin (community), Dr. Robert Vogel (staff), Kade Leniqi (student), and Dr. Sam Hijazi (faculty)

    2010 Recipients: Sarah Flores (student), Jonathan Zitelman (staff), Dr. Alicia Olson (faculty), Edward Davila and Ramon Salazar (community)

Now accepting nominations for TLU's annual Servant Leader of the Year awards!

Paper nomination forms are also available and can be obtained by calling the TLU Center for Servant Leadership at 830-372-8160. If you would like to complete more than one nomination, you will need to resubmit a new nomination form. It’s recommended to type your nomination in a separate document and copy/paste it into this form

Nomination Form