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Student Organizations

Student Organizations

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Andella Janicek
Student Activities Director

Student Activities encourages student involvement through a wide variety of organizations, events, activities, workshops, seminars, and structured experiences that promote personal learning and growth in a student-centered environment.

  • Campus Organizations & Clubs

    From the Black & Gold President's Council to departmental groups and intramural sports, Texas Lutheran University has more than 70 campus organizations. These groups are important as they build community and camaraderie among students, as well as faculty and staff.

    For more detailed information about all of the organizations available to join, visit the Connect @TLU page.

  • Tlu Honor Code

    In 2012, it was brought to the attention of the Student Government Association that Texas Lutheran University did not have an Honor Code. An Honor Code is a statement defining academic integrity and sets the expectations of the university faculty and students regarding high standards in academic work. However, when SGA was working on the TLU Honor Code, the senate decided that the code should cover more than just academic work, but rather lay out how students of TLU should approach the community as a whole. “We all agreed that it should humbly reflect the current goals and drives of the university as a whole,” Henry Moon, co-author and former SGA senator, states, “it needed to show what TLU students should be.” After doing research on Honor Codes from around the nation, Moon and a few other SGA senators set forth in putting a first draft together. After receiving feedback from faculty and students, the team of SGA members with the help of the TLU Marketing Department put together a final draft reading: “Stay true to TLU: Bulldogs demonstrate respect, pride, and leadership through integrity and accountability in our academics and community.” The next fall semester it was put into place starting with the class of 2017. In a few years, the TLU Honor Code will be applied to 100% of students (formally; all TLU students always demonstrate these qualities already) at Texas Lutheran University adding value and integrity to all degrees.

    Stay True to TLU

    Bulldogs demonstrate respect, pride and leadership through integrity and accountability in our academics and community.

    Academics – We are part of a team that is determined and dedicated to our education. For our success, the faculty will challenge our understanding in a competitive learning environment. We will fulfill coursework with our own ideas, give recognition to others when we borrow, and hold our peers to the same.

    Beliefs – TLU has a diverse and meaningful faith based atmosphere that fosters spiritual growth and humility. Our beliefs promote honesty and integrity in all that we do.

    Community – Our school spirit and tight knit community are a result of our friendly, supportive, compassionate and open environment. As long as we strive to be exemplary, TLU’s prestigious traditions will provide lifelong opportunity through networking and personal empowerment.