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Veteran Support Services

Veteran Support Services

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Samira Lopez
Director of First Year & Campus Programs
Freedom Hall Supervisor

Dr. Samer Hijazi
Faculty Advisor to VAST

Malikah Harvey
Associate Dean of Student Life & Learning

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  • TLU Veterans' Lounge (Freedom Hall)

    As a university close to San Antonio, dubbed Military City, USA, TLU has several students, faculty, and staff with military backgrounds who have shaped our campus. In addition to available sensitivity training and open discussion about transitioning from deployment to college, TLU offers a haven for veteran and military students: Freedom Hall. Freedom Hall has ample, comfortable seating and tables for individual or group study. Equipped with a kitchenette which includes a sink, refrigerator, microwave and Keurig coffee maker, the lounge is a great place for veteran and military students to relax and escape from the hustle of college life.

    Freedom Hall is accessible by key card (TLU ID) to students identified as veterans, military, or dependents. The lounge is located in the Alumni Student Center.

    For key card access, please see Samira Lopez, Director of First Year & Campus Programs and Freedom Hall Supervisor.

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  • Service Animals

    TLU allows service animals in its offices, buildings, classrooms, residence halls, meetings, dining areas, recreational facilities, activities and events when accompanied by an individual with a disability who indicates the service animal is trained to provide, and does provide, a specific service to them that is directly related to their disability. Pets are not allowed in any campus building, and emotional support animals are restricted to housing and must be approved by the ADA office. 

    If you have a service animal that will be accompanying you on campus it is highly encouraged that you register with the ADA Coordinator, Meadows Center, 830-372-7999.

  • Veteran Service Assistants

    TLU VSA’s are student workers who provide excellent customer service and ensure safety for students utilizing Freedom Hall. VSA’s are also responsible for organizing monthly support programming for TLU veterans and dependents. Information on monthly programming is available on the Freedom Hall bulletin board and is also sent to students through their TLU email account.


    Veterans and Society Together (VAST)/Student Veterans Association (SVA)

    VAST/SVA is the student veterans group at TLU and serves as a resource for students who are veterans or dependents in helping them transition and become connected with campus life. The group provides support for students with deployed parents or family members and takes on service projects geared towards veterans and military. The organization seeks to provide a positive setting for veterans and dependents who are attending TLU and an outlet where faculty and students can support those who have served and those who are still serving.

    In 2013, TLU became part of the national charter Student Veterans of America, the national organization helping students and military who are attending college by providing information, workshops, scholarships and grants.

    VAST/SVA projects include adopting a deployed military unit and sending care packages, feeding the local fire department Thanksgiving Dinner, participating in Relay for Life, coordinating Veterans Day celebrations, offering programs and sessions geared towards veterans and dependents for the continued support of all members.

    To commemorate Arbor Day, members of VAST planted a tree near the Alumni Student Center on April 26, 2012. arbor day VAST tree planting The tree is marked by a plaque that reads: 
    To those before us
    whom did not make it home,
    To those who were with us
    whom did not make it home,
    To those after us
    whom will never make it home.

    For more information on VAST/SVA, contact Dr. Samer Hijazi, faculty advisor to VAST, at 830-372-6687 or

  • Military Leave Policy

    Excused absences will be granted for students with short-term military obligations of no longer than 5 consecutive school day, with no more than 10 total school days per semester. Longer absences will be handled on a case-by-case basis, but likely will result in a W on the transcript. The student is responsible for contacting faculty members in advance and making up all work missed during excused absences.

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